Boost your Social Reach with Employee Advocacy

29th April 2019

Boost your Social Reach with Employee Advocacy

Brand advocacy is one of the easiest ways to gain momentum and prove the credibility of your company, by simply engaging your employees to boost your content by sharing a unified message across their social media networks. Peer-to-peer recommendations and word-of-mouth has become the biggest form of advocacy in recent years.

You might be wondering how and why does employee advocacy work?

Well, your employees are already your biggest advocates. They live and breathe your brand and ideals, and they know your company culture better than anyone. By giving your employees a voice, they’re able to promote your brand to their own social network audience of peers, friends, family and potential future clients.

By leveraging an employee's social network, a brand is able to broadcast their message to a wider audience but from an individual their connections want to hear from. Today, it’s hard for a brand to break through the noise that is constantly filling up people’s social media feeds. However, an employee has the bigger effect on their connections because they trust them. Their message won’t be swiped past in an instant because their opinion matters to their connections and that’s marketing to people with value.

Not only does a brand increase their social reach but with Brand Message it also allows a company to streamline their communications. Branded posts such as articles, videos, images or infographics, can be scheduled from Brand Message and then shared by your employees to publish on their social networks.

It empowers them to advocate and share whilst maintaining a unified brand image for your company.

… but how do we get our employees to advocate our brand in the first place?

Brand Message is gamified and allows companies to set rewards for their employee’s achievements. An employee that feels appreciated and rewarded for their efforts, is far more likely to continue to advocate your brand.

If you want to turn your employees into social media advocates and gain bigger exposure for your brand, join our bet to be one of the first to unleash the power of advocate marketing. You’ve not got long to wait - we’ll be rolling out Brand Message to new brands in Summer 2019.

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