Transform your Employees into a Social Media Powerhouse

13th May 2019

Transform your Employees into a Social Media Powerhouse

Employees are your biggest marketing resource and can become the best advocates of your brand. Employees often go overlooked as a channel for marketing but considering the size of your organisation, and the amount of employees within it, each has their own untapped audience ready to be reached and your brand message shared with them.

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy is empowering your workforce to drive the exposure of your brand by sharing your messages and content, and extending your reach to their own audiences across social media.

When we talk about social media and advocacy, there are two aspects we should consider; your employee’s reach and their influence.

Reach is the amount of people a single person can spread a message to across their social network. Consider an employee that has 3 of the core networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and the amount of peers they’re connected with on each. Now multiply that by the amount of employees in your company. For some - that can be an even greater reach than your current social strategy can achieve and what’s more, the audience is already engaged with the employee personally.

Influence is authenticity.

It’s the credibility and trustworthiness that comes from an individual and what they’re willing say publicly to a group of peers. Word of mouth is powerful when influencing the decision making process and employee advocacy allows a brand to amplify their voice.

Brand Message supports a company’s marketing team in uploading pre-approved content with their brand identity and tone of voice, and encourages their employees to publish and share a brand’s content. It can be shared across one or all of the core networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) at the click of a button. It’s that easy and you can track engagement of posts to help measure achievement against your marketing objectives, goals and KPIs.

The key is creating content that your employees want to share and is not only relevant to them but the people they’re sharing it with too. Connections on LinkedIn respond to and are influenced by content differently to content that is on Twitter or Facebook. It has to be share-worthy!

Tailor your content to suit its audience and then watch it be shared and amplified by your workforce.

Not only does Brand Message help your brand and employees share their content across multiple networks with ease, it gamifies the process, to encourage your employees to continue sharing. Brand Message makes it easy to appreciate and reward your employees for being instrumental in generating more visibility and opportunities through social media.

Transform your employees into a social media powerhouse by joining our beta and be one of the first to unleash the power of employee advocacy. You’ve not got long to wait. We’ll be rolling out Brand Message to new brands in Summer 2019.

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