VIA rolls out Brand Message across multiple teams

9th September 2019

VIA have rolled out Brand Message across multiple teams, all of which had one thing in common; they were too intimidated to post on LinkedIn. Check out what they had to say about their experience of Brand Message...

VIA Advocacy Case Study 1

Many of our employees, especially the sales team, have huge online networks on LinkedIn. They can generate a much larger reach through their personal posts than the VIA company page can, in turn allowing VIA to drastically extend our reach.

Sharing company content through Brand Message better equips our advocates to be the trusted advisor within their online network, share valuable content, engage with potential customers and share their industry knowledge, which they would not have previously done.

"Brand Message has enabled VIA to encourage our employees to share our content with confidence, in an organic way."
Suzanne Whetton, Marketing Manager, VIA

For advocates which initially lacked confidence on LinkedIn, they were thrilled to be able to share pre-written content through Brand Message. As they saw engagement grow, so did their confidence. Advocates now feel much more able to personalise the posts with their own authentic voice. We will be continuing to roll out Brand Message across further teams.

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