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What social media platforms does Brand Message integrate with?

Brand Message integrates with Twitter and LinkedIn.

Do brands have access to their employees personal details?

At Brand Message we are serious about protecting the privacy of individuals. Brands and their Brand Admins do not have access to the personal details of their Employees. The only thing a Brand Admin can see is the Employees usernames in the leaderboard and their employees grouped engagement stats.

Can competing companies register as an employee to access another brands posts?

No, only individuals who have been invited (either by being supplied the link or invited through the control panel, can register to become one of your employee advocates. As an additional level of security, only individuals with the correct corporate email address can register as an advocate.

Does Brand Message operate in real time?

Not quite, leaderboards and any interactions on Brand Message are updated hourly.

What’s the difference between a Brand Administrator and a Brand User?

This comes down to permissions. ‘Brand Administrators’ (Admin) can access and control the Brand’s core settings and add, edit and delete other users.

‘Brand Users’ only have access to the content management area.

How secure is Brand Message?

Brand Message is protected by SSL and all data transfer is fully encrypted. All content (including media assets) added by brands can only be accessed by authorised users (users within that brand or Employees of that brand). All authorisation data within the database is encrypted and Employee contact details (such as email addresses) are always hidden from other users.

Can I include hashtags in our posts?

Yes absolutely! Simply use the # symbol as normal.

Can I include social media handles in our posts?

Again yes, you most definitely can! The platform can’t guess the handles using predictive text but simply type in the @ symbol and the desired handle.

What are XP points and how are they allocated?

Experience (XP) points are allocated to Employees each time they access the Brand Message platform and share posts. In addition, points are allocated if their shared post is engaged with (liked, commented and/or shared) by their social network.

What are badges and how do they work?

Badges are non-brand specific and are allocated to Employees when they engage with the platform or share content.

How do I pay for Brand Message?

Brand Message is a monthly subscription. You can use any major debit or credit card during the account set up process. From then on your payment is processed automatically once a month and you’ll be emailed a VAT receipt. We use Stripe to process online payments, because they are super-secure and robust.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. If you ever want to move away from Brand Message you can cancel at any time and your contract will expire at the end of that month. No penalties or notice periods.

Will I be charged automatically when our free trial ends?

Definitely not. We don’t collect any card details upfront. If you want to continue with Brand Message beyond the trial just enter your card details when you’re ready. If it’s not for you then that's fine too.

What happens when someone leaves the company?

If someone leaves your employment then you can archive them in Brand Message so they no longer have access, but their historic stats will be retained.

Can advocates use any email email address to register?

Sorry no. Only individuals with the correct corporate email address can register as an advocate. If you try and register with another email address Brand Message won't recognise you and will deny you access.

I've registered - why haven't I received my 16 digit authorisation code?

Your 16 digit authorisation code is sent out directly to your designated email address by the Brand Message. If it's not landed within a few minutes please check your spam and/or promo folder. Failing that please do get in touch so we can help.

How much does Brand Message cost?

Brand Message will be available as a subscription based service. The plans are still to be determined following feedback from our BETA testers, but whether you’re a small team or a large corporate, there will be a plan to suit.

Why has my LinkedIn access token expired?

Currently, all LinkedIn access tokens are issued with a 60 day lifespan and they expire automatically at the end of that period. When a users token expires Brand Message is forced to make you sign in again. This is for your own security and ensures that you are happy for Brand Message to continue to post to your LinkedIn account.

Can I connect and post to anyones LinkedIn account?

Absolutely not. You must have the login credentials to your LinkedIn account and be logged in in order to connect Brand Message and to authorise the app to post to your LinkedIn account.

Can I connect and post to anyones Twitter account?

No. You must have the login credentials to your Twitter account and be logged in in order to connect Brand Message and to authorise the app to post to your Twitter account.

I don't want to share a post right now - can I schedule it to be shared later?

100%. Brand Message gives you the option to post straight away or to schedule for another date / time. Simply choose your desired date and time before clicking 'share' and Brand Message will do the rest. You can view future your future posts in the Posts > Scheduled Posts tab and edit or delete as you wish.

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