10 Tips To Engaging Content When Sharing On Social Media

10th June 2019

Engage your employees with content they want to share

Got a mountain of content on your website but don’t quite know where to start? We’ve pulled together tips on where to begin when loading your content onto Brand Message to be shared by employee advocates.

You may have pages of articles and content that can be uploaded and shared amongst social networks, but how do you decide what goes first? What will get employees hooked on making their way to the top of the leaderboard?

1. Check your Google Analytics

If you’ve got Google Analytics tracking on your website then that’s the first place to start. If you look at behaviour and site content, you’ll be able to set the date for the last 6-months or year and see which content has received the most traffic.

Knowing that customers and website visitors find the content of interest will give confidence to your employees when sharing to their own networks. Afterall, the more engagement they receive, the more points they build up and the more competitive employees will become.

So have a look at your site traffic, amount of users and sessions to a page and the average time they’re spending on said pages. That’ll help you decide where to start with your content and what type of content to create in the future.

2. Write for your audience

You’re writing in your brand’s tone of voice but you’re also trying to engage your employees so they’ll share content and giving their network a reason to engage.

3. Keep it short but informative

It’s not necessary to write paragraphs of content when sharing across social media. Keep it short, keep it informative and give a person a reason to click. People habitually scroll through their social feeds and 1-2 sentences is easily scannable when compared to a wall of text.

4. Use interesting and relevant visuals

People like to see visually appealing images that aren’t low resolution or are irrelevant to what the content is discussing. Create bespoke images for your content or find visuals that work alongside it. There are plenty of free stock websites available if you’re unable to create images yourself or work with an agency.

Here are some of our favourite free stock websites:

5. Don’t forget your links

If you want to send people to your website don’t rely on them getting there themselves. Make sure you’re adding links to your posts and driving an action for people to visit content or areas of your website, such as booking an event or reading about a new product. If you’re worried about the length of a URL against your character limit for Twitter, don’t be. Using websites like Bit.ly shortens links for you

6. Add in some hashtags

Not only will your employees social network see your company content, but audiences outside of their connections can too. By adding relevant hashtags to your content such as #brandmessage #employeeadvocacy, your content will be available to people searching for information within the hashtag or search. That means that your audience will grow beyond that of your employees networks too.

7. Mention pages and people

It's possible to @ other pages and people through Brand Message to let them know you've shared a post that includes them. Maybe it's the launch of a client's work, a new team member or a charity you've raised funds for.

8. Make your post title is interesting

Brand Message allows you to give your posts a title that only your employees see. It’s a quick and snappy way for them to understand what the post is about that they’re looking to share. Keep these informative and straight to the point so that your employee advocates can make a quick decision to share or schedule the post.

9. Categories

Adding categories to your post helps employees find content relevant to their department or interests. For instance, using categories like Marketing or Finance or Design, is a quick way to tag content and for employees to follow tags based on what they’d be interested in sharing.

10. Sharing and scheduling

When you’re first uploading content to Brand Message, we’d suggest uploading 5-10 posts to share before inviting your employees to the platform. Initially, that’ll give them plenty to choose from to share instantly and schedule throughout the week.

As a brand admin, you don’t have to make everything available to share instantly either. It’s possible to schedule content if you’re waiting for a specific day or deadline for content to be available to the public.

Ready to get sharing? Take me back to the Brand Message App.

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